TopicThe Solar Power House - The Key to Our Energy Future

  • Wed 15th May 2019 - 12:22pm

    The first place that you can usually buy solar panel equipment at a good Power Efficiency Guide Review discount is with a local solar panel dealer. Even though they may have several models of solar panels for sale, they are always changing their inventory out for newer models every year. This means they may still have some of last year's solar panels for sale and would be willing to sell them to you at a discount. They will normally have to clear these out to make room for the new panels and if you can take them all you can usually work a good deal with the owner.

    Even if they don't have any older inventory they can still check with their distributor to see if any of last years models are still in stock there and may be able to offer you a discount on them. Another great way to buy solar products at a discount is to offer your home as a reference to your local dealer. Many times a dealer will need a few homes in the area that they can install a system on and then use them to help sell other systems. They will refer potential customers to you so that they can ask you how you like your system, and how the dealer treated you.

    Many dealers will give you a substantial discount on a residential solar system in order for you to act as a reference. Give this some consideration and be sure to establish how many calls and visits you'll be willing to take. Local home improvement shows are also a good place to buy solar equipment at a discount. Many of the larger manufacturers will sponsor a booth at these shows and may offer show discounts on their equipment. If you make your purchase from them directly at the show you can usually save quite a bit of money on the equipment and they will deliver it to you as well.

    Thinking green and saving the planet are two worth while causes, but if your like me in these tough economic times putting green into your wallet, keeping it there and becoming self-sufficient is the cause most of us want to promote first. One of the best ways you can do all of the above is by reducing or eliminating your power bill. And, the way you can do this is by learning how to produce solar power from solar energy and/or making a wind generator, windmill or wind turbine to produce wind power.

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