TopicHow Chiropractic Care Helps in Treating Pinched Nerves

  • Wed 17th Jul 2019 - 9:43am

    A pinched nerve happens when there is too much pressure applied to a nerve by its surrounding tissues such as bones,   Feel Good Knees For Fast Pain Relief  cartilage, muscles or tendons. The pressure can cause disruption to the nerve's function which in turn may cause pain, tingling, numbness or weakness. This condition can occur in any part of your body, but it is more often to happen in the back. In the field of chiropractic, this term is identified as subluxation.

    In addition to the back, a pinched nerve may also occur in the neck, wrist, or elbow. There are many different potential causes for it, depending on the location of the nerve. If it occurs in the neck or lower back, it may be due to a herniated disc, arthritis, bone spurs, or spinal stenosis. If it occurs in the wrist or elbow, it may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, or cubital tunnel syndrome. Other causes of this condition may be due to injury, bruise, or swelling of extremities during pregnancy.

    The symptoms of a pinched nerve may vary depending on which nerve is affected. The common symptoms are pain, numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness along the path of the nerve. When it occurs in the neck, there is pain or stiffness, along with the symptoms that radiates down the arm. If it is in the lower back, there is pain and stiffness with symptoms that runs down the leg. If it is in the wrist, the thumb, index, and middle fingers are usually affected and it may also cause weakness in gripping objects, and if it occurs in the elbow, it usually affects the forearm, the ring finger, and the small fingers of the hand.

    Chiropractic treatment can provide relief to pinched nerves without the use of drugs and expensive surgery. It begins with knowing the medical history of the patient and then a chiropractor will conduct diagnostic tests on the patient to determine the exact location and the cause of the nerve disorder. Once they are identified, the chiropractor will make some spinal adjustments using different methods to treat the problem.

    Usually, three to six visits can show positive results. While in some cases, patients get instant relief upon their first visit. Additional visits to a chiropractic clinic can treat misalignment and promote nerve and joint health. If the pinched nerve persists after three to six visits, the chiropractor might use other treatment methods such as back brace or traction, electrical stimulation, physical therapy, and soft tissue therapy. The body has the capability to heal itself and the chiropractor supports its healing capabilities to improve its health.



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