TopicTinnitus Blues - Ringing in Ears After a Concert

  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 7:09am

    Mick Fleetwood, Eric Clapton, Neil Young,   Tinnitus 911  Phil Collins and Barbra Striesand are just a few names in the music arena that suffer from tinnitus. Other celebrities you might recognize are William Schatner, Leonard Nemoy, Kenau Reeves, and Cherly Tiegs. If you experience ringing in ears after attending a concert or some other noisy occasion, consider taking the path today's modern musician and entertainers take - high fidelity earplugs.

    Musicians perform in the studio, on stage and in open air concerts. In all settings they expose their ears to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods. Most musicians have had some hearing loss and many experience constant ringing in the ears. You might think it impossible for them to wear some kind of hearing protection while they perform. That is no longer the case.

    The problem with conventional earplugs is that they reduce sound more in the high frequencies than in the low and mid frequencies, which makes music and voices unclear and unnatural. Modern technical advances in hearing protection is vastly improved beyond the foam or plastic earplug.

    This new technology is referred to as high fidelity earplugs. These earplugs replicate the natural functions of the ear canal so that you can hear sounds with the same quality as your natural hearing, but its just quieter. Often these are custom molded ear plugs, but the standard read-fit models will do the job for many people.



  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 4:29pm

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