TopicWays to Heal Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 6:17am

    Hemorrhoids is a painful condition resulting from improper functioning of the intestinal system.  Hemorrhoid No More  Most often hemorrhoids, or piles, can be directly related to a diet. When foods are eaten that have a constipating effect, the strain of trying to eliminate those clogged materials results in swelling and irritation of the tissue surrounding the anal/rectal area. These tissues can become severely swollen, painful, and possibly bleed. There are, however, some ways to heal hemorrhoids without surgery.

    The healing of this condition will result when proper diet is maintained that assists the digestive tract in adequately doing its job. Proper diet takes into account how best the digestive tract operates. There are enzymes in the stomach that break down and digest the foods that have been eaten. When there is a mixture of different types of foods in the stomach, it is difficult for sufficient digestion to take place. The result is infrequent elimination and/or constipation.

    The best way to eat food is in combination with foods that work together to aid digestion. For example, fresh fruit should be eaten as the first meal of the day with perhaps a cup of cereal or toast. The afternoon meal should consist of vegetables and either a starch or protein, but not all three together. The evening meal should be also the same as the afternoon meal. Eating in this manner actually helps keep the intestines operating smoothly without backup that causes elimination problems.

    Once the hemorrhoid condition has manifested, it can be treated by spending 30 minutes or so in a warm sits bath and utilizing tropical ointments. The condition can be reversed by incorporating better eating habits. Along with changing the eating habit, a substitution of red pepper for black pepper in seasoning ones food is known to help heal this malady.



  • Thu 11th Jul 2019 - 4:28pm

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